Professional services

The objective of our professional services is to:
•    assure your capital investment is aligned with your strategy,
•    drive the execution of your projects,
•    guide your capital budgetting and forecasting,
•    manage and mitigate your project risks,
•    and set effective your project execution standards.

All our professional services are tailored, and are based on common  plant life time cycles and operational excellence by approaching:

1. Begin of life time services

•    Design,
•    Manufacture,
•    Commissioning,
•    Qualification.

Life time services
•    Spare Parts,
•    Corrective Maintenance,
•    Preventive Maintenance.

3. Extended Life time services
•    Upgrades,
•    Modernization,
•    Optimization,
•    Preventive Maintenance.

4. Consulting services & Operations
•    Performance contracts,
•    Onsite Project Support.

Professional practices

The majority of projects encountered in chemical and biochemical operations are rather small. This means that using management techniques and engineering services designed for large projects can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and not necessarily cost effective. Save time and achieve effective results with our professional practices.

Our professional practices:
•    are produced through a harmonized process,
•    can be tailored according to your best practices,
•    are concise and suitable for purchasing or subcontracting,
•    are based on constructability, and consider operations and maintenance,

•    and are consistent across the disciplines.

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