Höltermann Process Systems is a provider of program management and industrial engineering services who works closely together with multinational operating companies in primary the (bio-)chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

You might already have experienced that successful development and execution of knowledge intensive projects is not a simple task these days. Not only because each plant has its own distinctive characteristics and specific preconditions, but also because of the availability of capable resources and lack in pragmatic approaches.

Höltermann Process Systems has knowledge gathered during 25 plus years working in plant engineering and the experience available that will help you to make the right choices and to manage your project results effective. We have an outstanding track record in supporting our customers in many kind of tasks.

Take advantage and involve Höltermann Process Systems throughout the project life cycle, from preparation of business case, conceptual engineering, front-end design stage up to implementation and successful start-up.

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Accomplished projects:
hygenic improvements GMP freeze drying process +++ modifications vacuum systems +++ upgrades steam distribution network +++ concept development chemical production plant +++ rennovation GMP laboratories and clean rooms +++ HVAC replacements +++ replacement boiler burners +++ adjustments seal water system +++ boiler replacements +++ retrofitting separator vessels +++ assessment solidification plant +++ optimalization API production supply chain

Scope of facilities

•    Entire plants,
•    (Raw-) material storage and handling,
•    Product pre- and post treatment,
•    Main processing and Reactor section,
•    (Un-) loading facility,
•    Utilities and non-process.

Höltermann Process Systems
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